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It’s Time to Update Your Ugly Bathroom Faucet!

You know it’s time to update your ugly bathroom faucet when you can’t bear to look at it for more than the few seconds it takes to turn the knob. And, it’s really time to replace it when you have to use a washcloth to turn the handle because you don’t even want to touch the old, ugly fixture. Continue reading “It’s Time to Update Your Ugly Bathroom Faucet!” »

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Eliminate Plastic Bottle Waste with Elkay EZ H20 Bottle Filling System

With the major impact that plastic bottle use has on the environment, it takes plenty of ingenuity to find ways to counter these effects and still provide means for students, gyms and spas to obtain cool and refreshing water.

Government officials, student organizations and city municipalities are all looking for ways to change the way the general public looks at tap water and help them reduce the use of bottled water, which generates tons of waste each year. Continue reading “Eliminate Plastic Bottle Waste with Elkay EZ H20 Bottle Filling System” »

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