NuvoH2O - Citrus Water Softener

As a homeowner, you know that water is vital to the functioning of your home and the people that live in it. Water in your home not only keeps your sinks running and laundry cleaning, but is also needed for drinking, cooking, showering, and countless other daily activities. While it is understood that water is a basic necessity for life, many people don’t realize that, in order to perform in peak condition, your home’s water needs to be softened.

When you use the NuvoH20 Citrus Water Softener in your home, the water you use will instantly increase in quality. Soft water helps to keep your plumbing, appliances, dishes, and shower walls scale free, while also leaving your skin feeling smoother and cleaner. By having soft water in your home, you will also be able to save money thanks to your water heater and other appliances having the ability to work more efficiently than ever before.

The NuvoH20 Citrus Water Softener helps to give you that soft water you need through two processes. First, instead of removing calcium like traditional water softeners, the NuvoH20 system binds and isolates those pesky calcium ions that make your water hard, preventing them from forming into scale. The NuvoH20 binds calcium ions in your water to CitraCharge, a citrus agent, softening your water and helping minerals to wash easily and freely away from your body, hair, pipes, and appliances.

In addition to isolating and binding calcium ions to CitraCharge, the NuvoH20 lowers the pH of water to further reduce or eliminate scale formation. By combining these two practices for water softening, the NuvoH20 Citrus Water Softener completes a more thorough job than any other product on the market.

Now available at Grandview Winnelson, the NuvoH20 water softening system is a great addition to any home, at a minimal cost. Soften your water with the NuvoH20 Citrus Water Softener today, and improve your home’s water for a lifetime.