A.O. Smith Vertex Hot Water Heaters Keeps the Hot Water Coming

We’ve all had that moment when we’re the last to take a shower in the morning and the hot water runs out right in the middle. We get that instant burst of energy to make it through the shower as fast as possible. A.O. Smith in conjunction with the US Department of Energy has come up with a solution to that common problem.

With their A.O. Smith’s Vertex Water Heaters, you will always have hot water when you need it. Whether taking a hot shower, washing dishes, or running the washing machine, it will essentially be a “bottomless tank.”

Using the process of a top-fired burner/blower combination, it allows for better combustion. This forces hot gases down through a helical coil heat exchanger that delays the release of the gases causing the hot water to be heated more uniformly and continuously.

Using this process, it allows for it to be one of the highest in thermal efficiency. With 96% thermal efficiency, it beats out tankless hot water heaters at 80%-82%, and standard units at 78%. This is translated to more savings for you. The higher the efficiency the lower your utility bills. High efficiency and high performance are synonymous with these water heaters.

Even better than high efficiency and performance: they are the same size as a traditional water heater and they use the standard gas and water connections, which means no remodeling involved in installation. Even better than those though, they are the only line of hot water heaters that have a digital control panel so you can truly see what your settings are.

Consider installing an A.O. Smith Vertex Water Heater today. Give Grandview Winnelson a call to get started.