Ambra® Heated Towel Racks

Experience a new level of comfort in your bathroom with heated towel racks by Ambra. These luxurious features are a small addition to your bathroom space that make a big difference on these chilly Kansas City mornings, or let’s face it, any day of the year.

Ambra’s line of heated towel racks serve two main purposes. First and foremost, these bathroom accessories heat your bath towels or robe to help provide comfort when drying off from a shower or bath. Secondly, these racks help to dry out towels after they have been used, which prevents mold while reducing water consumption and the need for extra rounds of laundry.

Available in a number of different styles including ANTUS, ELORY, QUADRO, SIRIO, VEGA, TRADITIONAL, RADIANT, and more, Ambra’s lines of racks can heat your towel in as little as 10 minutes. Depending on the style chosen, the racks heat through different processes including a patented cable technology system, liquid heating elements, or resistance wires, all of which are available in a wide range of lustrous finishes.

Along with being an accessory you can enjoy each day after you shower when you reach for a towel, these heated racks by Ambra can achieve multiple tasks. From delicate clothing that cannot be dried in a normal dryer to gloves, jackets, and more, these versatile racks can help dry and warm various clothing items. Plus, the heated racks naturally help bathrooms stay warm, helping to decrease the threat of mold and mildew that tends to thrive in these spaces.

Whether you add a heated towel rack by Ambra into the design of your master bathroom, guest bathroom, or both, your home will experience the instantaneous increase in value, style, and comfort. Bring ultimate luxury to your home today by choosing an Ambra heated towel rack.

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