American Standard ActiClean® Self-Cleaning Toilets

Homeowners across the country can all agree that cleaning toilets is one of the least-liked chores that needs to be done on a regular basis. However, thanks to American Standard’s new line of ActiClean self-cleaning toilets, the task has become a lot easier.

Powered by ActiClean technology that cleans even the most difficult to reach places deep in your toilet with just a single press of a button, this new line by American Standard boasts many benefits, including:

Long-Lasting Solution
Featuring a one-of-a-kind cleaning solution by American Standard, the ActiClean toilets have two different cleaning cycles: Deep Clean and Quick Clean. Suggested that you run each cycle once a week, this cleaning system will keep your toilet shining for up to 9 weeks per cartridge.

EverClean Surface Technology
With the unique EverClean Surface by American Standard, your toilet will resist stains, helping to keep it cleaner than regular toilet materials. In fact, the EverClean technology has kept toilets stain-free for up to 91,000 flushes.

Smart Safety Features
Keep small hands away from the button that triggers the self-cleaning feature with a Child Lock option. This feature allows you to be able to use the cleaning cycle when you want to – instead of every time your kid thinks it would be fun.

WaterSense Certified
American Standard is proud to be WaterSense Certified with the line of ActiClean self-cleaning toilets. Not only does this reduction in water usage help to save the planet, but it also saves you a bundle off of your water bill.

Say goodbye to the old days of having to manually scrub your toilet, and instead, opt for a new self-cleaning toilet with ActiClean by American Standard. Perfect for every bathroom in your house, this new line will leave your space cleaner – and you happier – than ever before.

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