ARTOS® Dual Function Shower Head

When was the last time a shower left you feeling truly refreshed and renewed? If you are like thousands of Kansas City homeowners, replacing your dated shower head with a new, luxurious style can help you achieve the epitome of relaxation that you deserve from your shower. Thankfully, finding that state of peace is easy with an ARTOS Shower Head. Influenced by the success of past styles, the F803-5 Shower Head is bringing affordable luxury to homes across the country.

The ARTOS F803-5 Dual Function Shower Head brings renewed life to your master bathroom with many benefits, including:

Customizable Shower Stream

ARTOS’ F803-5 Shower Head allows you to choose the water stream that works best for you. Pick between either a traditional rain flow or a lavish waterfall flow to create your optimum experience, or even use both at the same time for a shower unlike any other.

Eye-Catching Design

Featuring a minimalistic design, this one-of-a-kind shower head sits perpendicular to your wall. At 19 inches long by 8 ¼ inches wide, this bold piece fits into any existing shower or new remodel while creating a polished spa-like atmosphere.

Unique Finishes

Made from solid brass, the F803-5 Shower Head by ARTOS is available in two beautiful finishes that complement any home. The lustrous chrome option brings a sleek modern touch, while the brushed nickel style fits seamlessly into bathroom designs ranging from contemporary to farmhouse.

Don’t settle for the same boring experience every time you shower. Instead, choose the F803-5 Dual Function Shower Head by ARTOS for your master bathroom and enjoy the renewing benefits of the design, finishes, and customizable water streams for years to come.

To learn more or to get the ARTOS F803-5 Dual Function Shower Head for your home, visit Grandview Winnelson today.