Benefits of Bathroom Towel Dryers

A master bathroom remodel is never complete without the right accessories. These seemingly small additions can have a big impact on your space, transforming it from a boring standard bathroom into a luxurious getaway. One accessory that can help you achieve this is a bathroom towel dryer by artos®.

Three benefits of incorporating a towel dryer in your bathroom renovation include:

Increased Comfort
It is no secret that a warm towel is one of the best feelings in the world after stepping out of the shower on a freezing Kansas City morning. With an artos towel dryer, you can experience the same unmatched level of comfort each day. Ideal for full sized towels, towel dryers in your bathroom can also keep your hand towels warm for after you wash up, or can even quickly warm a pair of socks or a favorite robe for ultimate pleasure and convenience.

Increased Functionality
While towel dryers by artos are great for warming your towels for you, resulting in peak comfort, the state-of-the art drying process also helps add extra functionality to your master bath. This hygienic drying technology cuts down on germs and that unpleasant wet towel aroma that can linger in a bathroom, eliminating the need to run your standard clothes washer and dryer for just one single towel. Saving you energy and time, a bathroom towel dryer makes the most out of your space.

Increased Style
Along with being an incredibly functional addition to your bathroom, a towel dryer by artos is a beautiful piece to incorporate into your remodel. These decorative towel dryers are available in a number of different styles and sizes perfect for any master bathroom renovation. Choose from wall mounted options or varieties that sit on the floor that can be either plugged in or hard wired for a stunning finishing touch.

A towel dryer by artos is the best way to add comfort, function, and style to your master bathroom. Quick to install and easy to use, these accessories provide instant luxury to any Kansas City home. To learn more or to get an artos towel dryer for your bathroom remodel, visit Grandview Winnelson today.