Benefits of Wall Hung Toilets

When remodeling your bathroom, you may think a toilet is just a toilet. However, there are new options gaining popularity in homes across the country, and bringing renewed life to one of the most-used rooms of your home. Instead of opting for the same traditional product, consider installing a wall hung toilet.

Wall hung toilets bring many benefits to your home, thanks to how they:

Complement Contemporary Style
The minimalistic design of wall hung toilets helps to complement any contemporary house aesthetic. Attached only to a small area of your wall where it can get a water supply, this toilet type is a no-nonsense approach to your bathroom’s blueprint, perfect for those with a sleek, sophisticated style theme throughout the rest of the home.

Save Incredible Space
Thanks to its small footprint, a wall hung toilet opens up your bathroom. In a place where every last bit of square footage counts, wall hung toilets give you back a large chunk of space. Not only does this allow your bathroom to feel bigger, but it also gives you the opportunity to get creative with the overall layout of the area with additional shelving where a traditional tank would be, etc.

Accomplish Polished Designs
Wall hung toilets not only promote the clean line look of modern homes, but also help to conceal any less-than-appealing accessories in your bathroom. Thanks to their installation, wall hung toilets can hide water lines and other bulky pieces that traditional toilets do not. This polished look instantly increases both your bathroom’s style and value.

The bathroom experts at Grandview Winnelson can help you find the perfect wall hung toilet for your home. Featuring styles like DXV and Toto, you can see wall hung toilets on display at the Grandview Winnelson showroom, and find the product that works for your home’s needs. Both beautiful and functional, wall hung toilets are the perfect addition to your next bathroom remodel.

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