Classic Elegance and Modern Technology in the New Quentin Collection from American Standard

Bath and sink faucets from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries rank among the most elegant and artistic of bath accessories. Old homes and hotels that are still outfitted with beautiful bronze faucets can harbor true works of art in the most common of places. Although those Victorian styles were mostly replaced by “modern” faucets in the fifties and sixties, American Standard has succeeded in bringing back that old, beautiful look with the Quentin Collection.

A full line of classic bath and shower fixtures, shower systems, and faucets are included in this exquisite collection and in keeping with Victorian Era tradition, each one looks like a work of art. However, the fixtures in this collection aren’t mere replicas of the antiques that acted as their inspiration. While they do look like authentic Victorian decorative fixtures on the outside, their interior includes technological advances that were never found in items from a hundred plus years in the past. Made with quality cast brass, these fixtures will last for centuries and their ceramic disk valves will probably keep them from dripping for just as long. In using 32 percent less water than other faucets, they also help save precious water resources and lower the water bill.

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