Create a Spa-Like Toilet with the Toto Washlet Toilet Seat

More and more bathroom remodels are focusing on adding luxury upgrades to the bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere. But one fixture that isn’t give a lot of consideration is the toilet. Many homeowners may not give the toilet much thought beyond making sure it flushes well and uses water efficiently. But that’s beginning to change as more people are opting to give the luxury treatment to their toilets with a Toto Washlet.

The Washlet is a bidet-style toilet seat, featuring an advanced cleansing system to provide exceptional hygiene and comfort to leave users feeling fresh and rejuvenated. While bidet-style toilet seats have not yet become commonplace in the United States, they have been the toilet seat of choice in Japan for over 30 years. Toto introduced the Washlet in 1980. Today, more than 70% of Japanese households, and most public restrooms, have bidet-style toilet seats.

So what makes the Washlet so special? The Washlet features a nozzle that extends from the toilet seat with a touch of a button to provide a soothing warm-water cleansing. Users can select between pulsating or oscillating water spray and adjust the water temperature, water pressure, and wand position for their personal comfort.

But these toilet seats go far beyond just spraying water. There are several styles of Washlets, each offering different features. Features available include:

Remote control – Most models include a remote control that is used to control water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature, cleansing mode, and wand position. Many also allow users to open and close the lid and seat and flush the toilet with the remote. They also feature a memory function that will allow users to save two personal settings.

Heated seats – All Washlet models feature heated seats with up to 5 adjustable temperature settings and soft close seats and lids.

Air dryer – A temperature adjustable air dryer provides hands-free drying after washing.

Air purifier – An air purifier ensures air is kept fresh both during and after use by passing it through a filter to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Seat sensor – A pressure sensor in the seat ensures that the Washlet will not spray water unless it detects someone is sitting on the seat. Some models also use a seat sensor to automatically open and close the lid and flush the toilet.

Nightlight – Some Washlet models include an LED nightlight.

Self-cleaning wand – The nozzle is cleaned and sanitized before and after every use.

Bowl cleansing – The Washlet sprays water into the bowl before and after use to help keep the bowl clean and prevent waste from sticking.

Ewater+ – Regular water is electrolyzed to give it a slightly acidic pH value, which gives it an antibacterial effect. This water is sprayed into the bowl after use to thoroughly cleanse the toilet.

Energy-saving features – In addition to an on/off button, the Washlet allows you to set a timer that puts the seat into energy saving mode during hours when it is used infrequently. Alternately, you can use an automatic energy-saving setting that senses and memorizes the times when the toilet is used most frequently and adjusts the temperature throughout the day accordingly.

Toto sells toilets for use with the Washlet toilet seat or it can be used with most other brands of toilets. Models are available to fit both elongated and round toilets. The Washlet can be easily installed by removing your existing toilet seat and replacing it with the Washlet. A provided adaptor is used to hook the Washlet seat up to the water input for your toilet. It plugs into a three-prong GFCI grounded outlet.

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