Create an Indulgent and Relaxing Steam Bath with an Amerec Steam Bath Generator

The popularity of steam baths date all the way back to ancient Rome and continue today. Steam baths offer a number of health benefits. They relax sore, stiff muscles and relieve stress. They increase circulation. They open pores and induce skin-healthy perspirations, which leads to clearer skin. Steam baths are also a great way to provide relief from respiratory infections by soothing inflammation and opening airways to relieve congestion. Steam baths have been found in health clubs and spas for years, but now more homeowners are installing steam bath systems in their homes.

Adding a steam bath to your home doesn’t require a major renovation. Any shower can be easily transformed into a luxurious steam bath with an Amerec steam bath system, available from Grandview Winnelson. The shower space will need to be completely enclosed, including a vapor-proof door, and the walls and ceiling need to be covered with a waterproof surface material. Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, travertine, marble, and granite are all excellent choices. Skylights and windows are not recommended.

Amerec steam bath generators are designed to provide minimal temperature variations and an even flow of steam. Amerec steam generators are very compact and can be installed anywhere in your home that is not exposed to freezing temperatures and that has access to an electrical circuit and a water line, such as under the bench inside the steam shower or in the basement, attic, or even a closet.

Most steam baths will be custom built on-site. This allows you to customize it to your preferred size and shape and use materials that match your décor. Upgrade your custom steam shower with accessories like chromatherapy lighting, aromatherapy fragrance injection systems, shower seats, and waterproof speakers to create a luxurious steam bath retreat.