Cross-Contamination and Germs Erased with Moen MotionSense Technology

Moen has created a technology that anyone who’s ever been in the kitchen will appreciate. Using simple hand movements or gestures you now are in control of your faucet without ever having to touch any knobs.

Though this technology has been in public restrooms for some time now, Moen brings it to your home where you need it most.

Not only does it make the simple tasks of making dinner or washing dishes easier, but it also cuts out the problem of germs in the kitchen. When you are preparing dinner and want to avoid cross-contamination with raw chicken or eggs, this faucet will make you wish you purchased it sooner. Because you do not have to use either hand to turn on a knob, there is limited chance of those juices getting anywhere besides the food keeping salmonella and food poisoning at bay.

This amazing technology has the ability to sense what you are trying to do. It senses when to turn on and off the water flow, and what temperature you might need for your task. With a sensor on the top of the spout, wave once to turn the water on, and once more to turn it off. Or, to turn it off, simply move your hands away from the faucet and a sensor at the base of the spout will read your hand’s motion.

This technology currently comes in one style, the Arbor faucet; however, to better suit your kitchen’s décor, you can get it in polished chrome, spot-resistant stainless steel, or oil-rubbed bronze. And, for any traditionalist, there is still is a handle on the Moen MotionSense faucets that you can use as you wish. Even with this handle set in the off-position, it will not interfere with MotionSense.

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