Delta® Touch 20.xt® Hands Free Bathroom Faucet

From after a long day’s work to kids’ spills and more, your bathroom can be messy. However, washing your hands at your bathroom faucet should not have to be. Instead of smearing germs and dirt all over your faucet, opt for the Delta Touch 20.xt technology, which includes the option for hands free use.

Unlike traditional bathroom faucet hardware, Delta Touch 20.xt faucets give three different ways to operate for optimal cleanliness and convenience.

Hands Free
Instead of traditional infrared sensors, the Delta Touch 20.xt hands free technology allows you to activate your faucet from anywhere around the device with industry-leading motion detection. Rather than making you place your hands in one spot, you can turn the faucet on or off quickly and easily in all directions thanks to the high-tech, full sensing capabilities.

With the simple touch of your finger anywhere on the spout or faucet handle, your Delta Touch20.xt faucet will begin to run. Turned off in the same way, this technology allows for quick, simple use when you are in a rush, or simply only have a single fingertip clean from a cooking marathon.

For those times when you just need an old-fashioned faucet, Delta Touch 20.xt bathroom faucets also allow for traditional manual use. Friendly enough for everyone in your family, the manual function of these faucets is an asset for your daily life, as well as for your visiting guests.

Battery operated for top safety, Delta Touch 20.xt bathroom faucets are as easy to install as they are to operate. Plus, never worry about a pet or child accidentally activating the water, since the technology is programmed to shut off after two minutes of no use, keeping your home and family protected. View the line today at the Grandview Winnelson showroom, and discover a new, convenient way to clean.

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