DXV by American Standard Combines Luxury with History to Create Exceptional Fixtures and Fittings

Last year, American Standard celebrated 15 decades of business by launching DXV by American Standard, a flagship portfolio of luxury bath and kitchen products. The DXV line features products that reimagine four influential design movements seen during American Standard’s 140-plus years in business.

Four broad movements inspired the designs of the DXV collection:

  • The Classic Movement (1880-1920) brought an end to the staunch, precise geometry seen in art and architecture and introduced a natural aesthetic that was more intricate and flowing with organic detail.
  • The Golden Era (1920-1950) witnessed the rise of industrial design that featured controlled contours, simplified geometries, and a break from heavy ornamentation.
  • The Modern Movement (1950-1990) was marked with experimentation in forms, materials and dimensions, resulting in artful lines and flowing forms that played against geometrical structures.
  • The Contemporary Movement (1990-today) features a design that is eclectic and continually evolving to reflect our changing world.

But don’t expect reproductions in the DXV collection. These luxury fittings and fixtures are unique pieces inspired by historically significant designs. The pieces in the DXV collection reinterpret these designs, incorporating today’s aesthetic and performance designs. Each of the four movements include one or two bath-fixture suites, including freestanding tubs, sinks, and lavatories, and complementary faucet collections, as well as the AT Series, state-of-the-art smart toilet and bidet seat. A collection of kitchen sinks and fittings is also includes in each movement.

This year, seven talented designers from the U.S. and Canada were selected to serve as members of the 2015 DXV Design Panel. They were challenged to create a bath or kitchen design concept inspired by a classic piece of literature using DXV by American Standard products.

  • Lori Gilder and Rebecca Reynolds, co-founders of the Kitchen Design Network, designed an emotional kitchen set that captures the romance, sadness, anger, and passion of “Like Chocolate for Water.”
  • Regina Sturrock, founder and principal designer of Regina Sturrock Design, created a glamorous bathroom design that evokes the moody romance of “Anna Karenina.”
  • Lisa Mende, founder and principal of Lisa Mende Design, was inspired by “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to design a fun, feminine bathroom that blends retro elements with classic pieces to evoke an upscale, modern feeling.
  • Tami Ramsey and Krista Nye Schwartz, co-owners and principal interior designers of Cloth & Kind, created a striking circus-inspired dressing room for the heroine of “Water for Elephants” that contrasts rich textures and worn-looking elements with the sleek finishes of the DXV Oak Hill collection.
  • Justin Shaulis, a New York-based architect and designer, was inspired by “A Room with a View” to create two contrasting vignettes that symbolize the struggles of the main character to choose between the two men in her life.

DXV products are available exclusively through luxury showrooms. You can experience these magnificent fittings and fixtures for yourself at Grandview Winnelson’s showroom.