Elevate Your Bathroom with Wall Mount Tub Faucets

Freestanding tubs are a leading bathroom design trend throughout the Kansas City area and country. The ultimate staple of luxury bathrooms, these tubs are best when paired with wall mount tub faucets. Available in a wide range of different styles and functionalities, wall mount tub faucets, like the new styles in the Cassidy, Compel, Dryden, Pivotal, Trinsic, Victorian and new Stryke collections by Delta® provide a beautiful, sophisticated look to any bathroom.

When choosing a wall mount tub faucet for your bathroom, keep in mind:

Matching Hardware
Before you fall in love with a particular wall mount tub faucet, be mindful of the style of any existing structures you will not be upgrading during your remodel. You won’t want a brass wall mount faucet if your sink faucet is chrome, or vice versa. However, if you are completely renovating your entire bathroom, use that freedom to choose your favorite wall mount tub faucet and base the rest of your hardware selections on it.

Practical Sizing
Freestanding tubs aren’t always flush against the wall of your bathroom, so make sure to take proper measurements of where the faucet will be in comparison to your actual tub. When shopping for wall mount tub faucets, keep those numbers nearby so that you can guarantee you pick a piece that perfectly fits your practical needs.

Daily Use
When choosing a wall mount tub faucet to pair with your freestanding tub, take into consideration how the space will be used each day. Knowing this will help determine whether you want the ease of a single turn knob, or the more intricate, polished look of multiple.

A practical and unique way to show off your personal style, wall mount tub faucets add value through both their functional and stylistic flair. Discover the right faucet for your freestanding tub by keeping these three tips in mind and browsing the new Delta styles today.

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