ELKAY® ezH2O® Liv™ Built-In Filtered Water Dispenser

Bring your home’s water to the next level with the new ezH2O Liv built-in water dispenser by ELKAY. Instead of a standard sink faucet or fridge dispenser, this sleek water system fits any room and need with unmatched style. From filling water bottles before a tough workout in an at-home gym to topping off a pet’s bowl in the family room to getting that perfect measurement of water for dinner in the kitchen and more, the ezH2O Liv seamlessly complements your entire home.

Stylishly composed of elegant glass-front colors available in either Midnight or Aspen White, ELKAY’s ezH20 Liv water dispenser has a number of benefits, including:

Versatile Design
Made to fit between any two wall studs, this water dispenser can easily be incorporated into any room. No longer are you trapped to water dispensing only from sinks or refrigerators, as the ezH2O Liv can be installed wherever you need it to be. Plus, the built-in nature of the product keeps it in-wall, taking up no extra space in your home.

Custom Settings
The temperature of the water you use is important – both for intricate recipes, as well as your tastebuds. With ELKAY’s ezH2O Liv dispenser, you can control the temperature of the water, creating a custom experience your entire family can enjoy. Whether you prefer chilled or ambient water, this dispenser will cater to your desires.

Minimal Maintenance
Few things can be as frustrating as a warning light beaming “Filter Replacement Needed” right in the middle of a dinner party or busy week. With the ezH2O Liv, there is no need to worry thanks to its long-lasting water filter. This water dispenser by ELKAY keeps your water fresher for longer, allowing you a worry-free experience.

Now available at Grandview Winnelson, this state-of-the-art water dispenser even keeps track of the number of plastic bottles saved, making it the perfect eco-friendly addition for any home. To learn more or to get the ELKAY ezH2O Liv built-in dispenser for your home, visit Grandview Winnelson today.