Elkay Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Your kitchen is the center of your home’s activity, and within it, your sink sees a lot of traffic. From meal prep to washing dishes to even just grabbing a quick glass of water, you depend on your sink to not only be functional, but also beautiful. When choosing your next kitchen sink, opt for the Elkay Fireclay 60/40 Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink with Aqua Divide.

With two independent bowls, this 33″ x 20″ x 10-1/8″ sink brings luxury to traditional farmhouse styles. With its material extended to the front of the sink to give a classic, clean look to your kitchen, this style by Elkay gives you the option of using each bowl independently for different tasks, while still giving you enough space on either side of the divide to never feel cramped.

Handcrafted from fine fireclay, the Elkay Fireclay Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink is durable, and able to withstand high temperatures while resisting scratches and stains. Plus, since the material is a natural sound deterrent, your time at the sink will be made quieter, thanks to the absorption of vibration.

Along with being made with top-quality materials, this Elkay sink style comes equipped with drains at the center of each bowl for convenience, as well as extra bowl depth on each side to accommodate even the bulkiest of projects like stock pots and more. Plus, the Elkay Fireclay Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink with Aqua Divide is available in two different finishes – white and biscuit – that are both glossy and easy to clean.

Experience the beauty and functionality of the Elkay Fireclay Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink with Aqua Divide for yourself at the Grandview Winnelson showroom. Now on display, you will be able to view the sink firsthand, and see how this timeless piece, and accompanying walnut cutting board, are the right choice for your home.

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