GROHE Blue Professional Water System

Water is essential to keeping your home running in top shape. Everything from laundry to cleaning dishes to cooking depends on reliable water being available to you. Not to mention, tap water is often the beverage of choice for many homeowners needing a quick pick-me-up. While water is a standard necessity to your household, it doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it has the potential to transform into a luxurious and tasty treat when filtered through a GROHE Blue Professional water system.

As easy and simple to use as a regular kitchen faucet, the GROHE Blue Professional mixes together the modern look of designer hardware with state-of-the-art filtering technology. With this kitchen appliance, the days of unpleasant, bitter tap taste are gone, and are now replaced by refreshing, delicious water.

Thanks to its duel intricate interior waterways, the GROHE Blue Professional lets you pick between filtered and unfiltered water during use. This innovative design allows for you to save on resources and prolong the life of your filter while ensuring that once water has gone through the filtration process, it never comes in contact with any surface that may alter its pure taste.

Not only does the GROHE Blue Professional water system allow for you to cool your water to a set desired temperature, but it also allows for you to carbonate your water with just the turn of a handle. Choose between water with no carbonation, a little carbonation, or even full carbonation to get sparkling water tailored perfectly to your taste.

Don’t settle for dull, regular water. Instead, install a GROHE Blue Professional faucet in your kitchen. With leading technology like the BWT filtration system, and stylish finishes in either GROHE Starlight Chrome or SuperSteel Infinity, your home’s water will be healthier, purer, and more delicious than ever.

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