How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

Have you seen the new tankless water heaters in Missouri? The space savers that will still heat the water in your home, no huge bulky pieces of equipment required? Do you have doubts that they can actually do the job, because you just can’t figure out how they heat the water? It can seem confusing at first; but in fact, tankless water heaters are quite effective at doing their job, even more so than traditional systems.

Older water heaters are bulky and awkward for one reason: they have that massive tank that has to heat and store the water. With tankless systems however, water is never stored, but heated as it is required. As soon as you turn on your hot water tap, instead of the water coming from that giant water-filled tank, it passes over coils in the tankless heater. Those coils are extremely hot and heat the water to very high temperatures, where it is then dispersed through your water tap. As soon as you turn the tap off, the water stops flowing through the tank, and no more energy is used to heat the water.

It can seem impossible to heat water without having a giant basin to do it, but doing so can actually be a much more effective solution. And, unlike those giant basins, as long as you have water, you’ll always be able to have hot water – something that’s not available with traditional water heaters.

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