Kitchen Trends: It’s All in the Details

When you are remodeling your kitchen, you want an updated contemporary look, but on a contemporary budget that matches today’s economy. There are a few things to consider when you are doing so. You can update your entire kitchen with just a few tweaks here and there without completely breaking down an entire room. Here are some tips.

1. Layout.  The 1980’s created the perfect kitchen layout with an island or breakfast nook. This is somewhat outdated, but you don’t need to tear it out. Adding a few fixtures to your island or nook makes it not only practical, but you can also add some elements to make yesterday’s island contemporary today. Details such as a few stools and placemats will do the trick to create a space that accommodates a computer or even a side desk to accommodate today’s multi-tasking lifestyle.

2. Lighting.  Lighting in a kitchen was once accomplished with a key fixture from the ceiling.  Today’s kitchens have a layered theme with lighting. One way to do this is to use recessed lighting under your cabinets, or lighting inside your cabinets as well. Also, track lighting is just as possible today and available in a wide range of mix and match styles that can be later switched out to more contemporary looks as your tastes change.

3. Accessories. A lot of people think they need a brand new everything to update their kitchen. Not so. Accessories will do the trick and you would be surprised at how different a kitchen can look with a few accessory details. This could be something as simple as changing your faucets and cabinet knobs, or switching out yesterday’s lazy Susan with today’s contemporary storage shelves and racks.

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, the trends today are in the details.