Mirrors from Electric Mirror Offer Luxury and Innovation

Imagine being able to transform your mirror into a TV while you take a long soak in the tub, then change it back to a mirror when you’re done. Or imagine being able to watch the morning news in your mirror while getting ready for the day. A mirror TV from Electric Mirror can make this wish a reality. Electric Mirror is the global leader in lighted mirrors and mirror TV technology. Electric Mirror’s luxury mirrors, sold in showrooms like Grandview Winnelson, can be found in luxury hotels, spas, hospitals, office buildings, and homes throughout the country.

Electric Mirror offers a full range of luxury mirrors, including lighted mirrors, mirror TVs, waterproof TVs, lighted mirror TVs, medicine cabinets, makeup mirrors, wardrobe mirrors, fog-free mirrors, and corridor lighting. They also offer an extensive line of frames in a variety of sizes, designs, and wood finishes that make the perfect finishing touch for your luxury mirror. Most models are made to order, but some are kept in stock.

While Electric Mirror offers a comprehensive range of lighted mirrors for a variety of uses, their mirror TVs are perhaps the most exciting mirrors. Mirror TVs are water resistant and approved for use in the bathroom. When turned off, the TV screen vanishes into the mirror. The mirror TVs also include a waterproof universal remote. They aren’t just for use in the bathroom. Electric Mirror’s mirror TVs, available in sizes from 32” up to 84” HD LED TVs, are great in living rooms, bedrooms, and dens as well. Placed above the fireplace, it is a TV when in use and a beautiful, decorative mirror when turned off.

Electric Mirror’s selection of mirrors offers an array of impressive features and innovative technology, including:

  • Vive Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your smart phone or tablet to any Electric Mirror product to allow wireless audio streaming.
  • Keen is a lighted mirror with a dimming touchpad embedded into the face of the mirror that provides full control over the dimming settings, including a nightlight setting, to reduce energy costs by almost 60 percent.
  • Diamond Clear is a pure white glass mirror that gives a natural reflection with an extra white edge rather than the green edge common on most mirrors.
  • The Glitter mirror provides three sets of lamps and lighting temperatures that can be changed to simulate three different lighting environments: pool, office, and club. This mirror is perfect for applying makeup for the three distinct locations.
  • Dimming can be added to Electric Mirror mirrors, allowing you to choose your preferred level of lighting
  • A digital clock with a blue LED can be seamlessly integrated into your mirror.

The experts Grandview Winnelson will be happy to help you select the perfect Electric Mirror lighted mirror or mirror TV to infuse style, sophistication, and technology into your bathroom.