MTI Boutique Collection Solid-Stone Tubs are Handcrafted Works of Art

Why relegate your tub to the corner when you can make it the centerpiece of your bathroom? A bathtub from MTI’s Boutique Collection is more than just a tub, it’s a work of art that will elevate the style of your bathroom into one of extraordinary sophistication.

What sets the MTI Boutique Collection apart from other high-end tubs? These beautiful tubs are made from engineered solid-stone, a mixture of ground natural materials and binding agents that are liquefied, poured, and then hardened, providing the look and feel of molded stone. This solid-stone material is more than 60 percent organic. And, unlike solid surface or composite tubs, which may look similar, solid-stone tubs are consistently solid all the way through. There are no layers, no hollow or void areas, and no surface coatings. The Boutique Collection solid-stone tubs are non-porous and resistant to stains, mildew, and mold, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Every MTI tub is a customized, handcrafted masterpiece. Each product is crafted to individual specifications and manufactured only after it has been ordered, whether it is a standard configuration or includes personalized modifications. All MTI products are created at their Sugar Hill, Georgia plant.

The Boutique Collection includes more than 30 different models, including free-standing, drop-in, and alcove tubs in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, in both gloss and matte finishes.

All of the Boutique Collection solid-stone tubs are available as soaker tubs. Many models are also available as air baths. These air baths feature 20 whisper-quiet air jets that are strategically placed in the bottom area of the tub for maximum therapeutic benefit and comfort. A floating, water-proof remote control allows you to adjust the speed and intensity of the jets. A wave effect alternates between strong and soft speeds. The air jets include built-in, anti-return check valves for hygienic operation. These valves allow the air to be output through the jets, but prevent water from returning into the air lines. A 1-minute automatic purge cycle begins 7 minutes after the water has drained out of the tub, removing any tiny amount of water that may be in the top portion of the jet nozzle.

Don’t take our word for it. See just how exquisite these luxury tubs are by visiting the Grandview Winnelson showroom. We have the Juliet 72×26 freestanding soaker on display in our showroom.