Native Trails NativeStone Concrete Sinks Are Eco-Friendly with Exceptional Durability

Concrete has become a popular material with architects, designers, and homeowners. Concrete sinks, in particular, have become a hot trend for kitchen and bathrooms. Concrete sinks are unique, natural, and versatile. But, traditional concrete sinks also have limitations. They are prone to cracking or chipping, they need to be resealed regularly, and they are very heavy, requiring special support. Native Trails, a company that specializes in eco-conscious kitchen and bath products, has created a new concrete sink product that addresses those limitations with outstanding results.

Native Trails’ NativeStone concrete sinks are made from a sustainable and eco-friendly blend of cement and jute fiber. The jute fiber reinforcement makes the sink resistant to crack, scratches, and chips and 40 percent lighter than traditional concrete sinks. Jute fiber is a renewable vegetable fiber, grown near the artisans’ workshops, that is 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable. A nano sealer is then applied that penetrates and forms a molecular bond with the concrete. This sealer makes the sinks impervious to staining, as well as providing a smooth, cool surface. The sealer is designed to last 10 years or more without resealing.

Each NativeStone concrete sink is handmade by artisans using a multi-stage process to create a one-of-a-kind sink. The NativeStone collection sinks are available in ash, slate, and pearl finishes. Kitchen and bar sinks include undermount and apron-front styles. Bathroom sinks are available in trough and vessel styles. NativeStone concrete sinks can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Nature Trails, founded in 1996, is renowned for its fine, hand-crafted sinks and bathtubs and its dedication to creating products that are eco-friendly. The NativeStone collection is a perfect representation of this dedication to the environment. NativeStone concrete sinks are more sustainable than traditional sinks and generate less waste and require less energy for production.

While the facts speak for themselves, they don’t do these sinks justice. Stop by the Grandview Winnelson showroom to see, and feel, these amazing sinks for yourself.