New Delta® Glass Rinser

Make your glassware shine like never before with the new Glass Rinser by Delta. Pairing the latest innovative kitchen technology with unparalleled design, the Glass Rinser makes achieving beautiful, clean, spotless dishes easy. With the power to reduce difficult residue in only a matter of seconds, this new Delta accessory is the perfect addition to any Kansas City kitchen.

Versatile Convenience
Delta’s new Glass Rinser uses SpotShield™ Technology to ensure that your dishes stay cleaner for longer through the use of high-pressure water jets that have the power to reach all of those hard areas that you normally can’t while resisting water spots and fingerprints. From regular water cups to baby bottles, travel mugs, and even wine glasses, the Glass Rinser helps cut down on scrub time for almost all drinkware. Plus, even with all of that power, the Glass Rinser is gentle on your dishware, keeping each piece in top condition.

Sleek Design
Not only does the Glass Rinser by Delta boast unmatched usability, but it is also incredibly stylish. The sleek, low profile design is perfect for any Kansas City kitchen. The Glass Rinser is available in seven finishes to match all of Delta’s faucets, complementing most existing designs or new remodels from rustic homes to more contemporary masterpieces

Easy Installation
Delta’s Glass Rinser can easily be installed in an empty countertop hole, such as a sink sprayer, soap dispenser, or any other area near your sink. The compact design allows for installation in tight spaces, while the slight overhang helps direct water flow back into your sink for less cleanup. Plus, you have the option of choosing whether you would like your Glass Rinser hooked up to hot or cold water lines, depending on your home’s specific needs.

Whether you are planning a kitchen remodel or are simply tired of water spots and residue on your drinkware, the new Delta Glass Rinser is the perfect choice for your home. Get started on your path to spotless, shining glasses by visiting Grandview Winnelson today.