New Delta® VoiceIQ™ at Grandview Winnelson

Between juggling responding to work emails, grabbing the dog’s leash for a walk, and managing to brush your teeth, sometimes you simply don’t have a hand free to fill your kid’s water bottle before soccer practice. Luckily, the new Delta VoiceIQ technology allows you to use your faucet without having to lift a finger – just your voice. The latest product from the trusted line of Delta appliances, the VoiceIQ system brings new levels of luxury and functionality to your kitchen.

What is Delta VoiceIQ?
Delta’s new innovative voice-command system pairs with a smart device in your home to deliver water on demand. Whether you want the water to freely flow or dispense a specific amount of liquid, your faucet will respond to the directions you give. The Delta VoiceIQ is not an entirely new faucet, and instead works with your existing Delta Touch20® manufactured after January 1, 2018.

What do I need to set up the Delta VoiceIQ?
Other than a Delta Touch20 faucet manufactured after January 1, 2018, you will need an Amazon® Alexa® or Google® device with enabled assistance. You also will need a power outlet under your sink that is not connected to any switch, home WiFi, and a WiFi connected device to use during set up. The VoiceIQ by Delta is easy to install in minutes, creating an effortless water dispenser for your entire family to enjoy.

How does the Delta VoiceIQ work?
Just like any other smart-assist technology in your home, the Delta VoiceIQ can be activated by saying commands. You can choose which commands you would like your Delta faucet to respond to from a curated list. The VoiceIQ is a valuable addition to any home, while still allowing your faucet to be activated by touch or manually, should you choose.

Delta’s now VoiceIQ technology brings your kitchen faucet to the next level. Pair your Delta Touch20 with the voice-activated faucet system today, and start enjoying the endless benefits. To learn more or to get Delta VoiceIQ technology for your kitchen, visit Grandview Winnelson.