New WaterWorks! Toilet Rebate for KCMO Residents

Do you want to save money and do your part to conserve water? Yes? Then stop by Grandview Winnelson to learn more about the WaterWorks! $100 Water Sense toilet rebate.

In an effort to prevent wasted water, WaterWorks!, a component of Kansas City’s EnergyWorks KC program, is offering an incentive to those in Kansas City, MO who do their part to eliminate old, non-efficient toilets.

By upgrading to a qualifying, high-efficiency toilet, you will be cutting your amount of wasted water down by approximately 6000 gallons per year. All together, this rebate could lead to a savings of 4 million gallons of water.

Kansas City, Missouri residential property owners and renters have the option to get their hands on this rebate through WaterWorks! for any qualifying toilet purchased and installed. For a list of those that qualify you can visit Bridging the Gap’s website which is listed below.

To qualify in general, the toilet must have a Water Sense label on it, use 1.28gpf (gallons per flush) or less, and have a minimum of a 2” diameter, fully glazed trapway. The combination of these three specifications ensures little to no water goes wasted.

Interested? Please read the attached pdf for more information or visit for more details and make sure to come by Grandview Winnelson today to start saving money on your water bill and earn a $100 rebate.