Spice Up your Kitchen and Bath with a Sink from Stone Forest

Stone Forest breaks the mold when it comes to kitchen and bath sinks. Why should a sink be a round, boring, and porcelain white bowl? It doesn’t have to be. Stone Forest proves this.

Thanks to gorgeous craftsmanship, Stone Forest’s kitchen and bath sinks are among the most beautiful you can add to your home. In a variety of unique shapes and sizes, there’s a different sink for every person and every decorating style.

Their collections are unlike the competition. Select a square stone Zen® Vessel, or a one-of-a-kind Onyx Wabi Vessel sink. Go for the sleek and modern with a black polished stone Opus Sink or aim for the country-rustic look with a Double Basin Copper Farmhouse sink. Those who want to make a statement in their home can select a Roma Pedestal or a Bronze Lunette Sink.

With the amount of options available, these sinks are meant to be a unique focal point of the room. Choose from materials such as stone, copper or bronze, and bamboo among others. Get them installed in styles of pedestals, vanities, or farmhouse/prep sinks. They even offer the option of having one built as a custom design.

If you have searched and searched for that perfect sink for your kitchen or bath and have come up empty-handed, consider a custom-made sink from Stone Forest as your solution. It’s their specialty and can be your solution.

If your home is missing that perfect sink to complete a modern or rustic style, stop by our showroom in Grandview MO today to check out our collection of Stone Forest sinks.