Technology in the Bathroom: The ioDIGITAL by Meon

The ioDIGITAL by Meon is a product that allows you to create a personalized shower experience.  Instead of fiddling with knobs and dials to try to recreate the perfect temperature and water pressure each time you shower, the ioDIGITAL comes with controls for both temperature and flow.

By using a set of dials installed on the wall of your shower, you can set the exact temperature and flow level you want, and then change those levels at any point during your shower if you want.  For those looking to be environmentally conscious about their water use, there is even an option to pause the water flow while shampooing or shaving, and then turning it back on to the same settings without having to adjust all over again.

The ioDIGITAL can be installed in a vertical spa, shower, and roman bathtub.  All three offer the same basic settings, with the vertical spa and shower both allowing for four programmable presets (though it is still possible to choose your own settings each time).  The Roman tub allows for three presets and comes with the added feature of a safety lock that disables all controls in order to prevent accidental use.  The vertical spa, shower, and bathtub all come with an optional remote control so that you can have your perfect bath or shower ready for you before you step in.  The faucets for each are available in different metals: chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze.  The world of personalized technology has slipped into the bathroom—in a cloud of perfect temperature steam.