The Benefits of Top of the Line Hot Water Heaters by Noritz

The Noritz company specializes in tankless hot water heaters and there are several reasons why this type of water heater is beneficial for folks living in Overland Park, KS, Kansas City, and elsewhere. Unlike bulky, old-fashioned hot water tanks, Noritz hot water heaters don’t even use a tank. A computer is used to detect when the water is turned on and how much it should be heated. Instead of storing water in a tank, water is heated as it passes through a heat exchange system.

A few of the benefits of this are:

  • The water comes out hot every single time: No more waiting for hot water.
  • It takes up less space: The small size of the Noritz tankless hot water heater takes up far less space than a traditional hot water tank.
  • Saves on energy bills: Less money is spent on heating water because the Noritz tankless heater turns on and shuts off as the tap is turned on or off.

A Noritz hot water heater is also the best choice for a tankless hot water heater because this company has been focused on the water heating business for over 60 years. They developed the first electronically controlled tankless water heater in 1981 and have been perfecting them ever since.

If you need to replace a hot water heater in Overland Park, KS or want to learn more about the benefits of Noritz hot water heaters, visit the Winnelson showroom in Grandview, MO.