The Dangers of Having a Rundown Water Heater

If you’ve found that over time, you need to wait longer and longer for the water to heat up in your home, and you’re often left waiting with the water running, it could be a sign of bigger dangers lurking in your water heater in Missouri.

Of course, it’s irritating to have to wait long amounts of time after one person has showered in the home before another one can. But having a water tank that no longer heats water effectively is more than just a nuisance, it can pose real risks. The first and biggest is that it could be a sign of an electrical fault in the system. If the coils are not heating properly, or the other electrical mechanisms are failing, it could be a fire hazard and that won’t just make your hot water heater fail – it could be very dangerous to your home.

A less serious issue that can arise from having an older and rundown water tank in your home is that it could be using a lot more energy than an efficient tank would require. As water heaters age, their systems can break down just like any other, and become less efficient. When that happens, the tank will use more energy to heat the water, and that can add up on your utility bill – and end up costing you a lot of money.

If you’re finding that you’re waiting too long for your water to heat up and you think it might be time for a new system, call us at Grandview Winnelson. We have tank and tankless hot water heaters that will be much more effective, and efficient, for your home. Contact Us Today!