The E-Granite Sink by Elkay

Before you start your kitchen remodeling in KS, you’ll first need to decide which type of sink you want to install. While stainless steel sinks have been the popular choice for years, new advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to produce a new kind of sink – the undermount granite sink, such as the Elkay kitchen sink design.

This sink is a custom deep kitchen sink that, because it’s made from granite, is incredibly heat, scratch, and stain resistant – much more so than you’ll find with any stainless steel sink out there, and with no buffing required. But those features aren’t what the homeowner will notice first. What will first catch their eye is that, because these sinks come in many different colors, they can be customized and look amazing in any kitchen. This gives kitchens a completely different look, and will be one of the first things guests comment on when they see your new kitchen!

Another big advantage to granite sinks such as the Elkay is that they are made from environmentally-friendly materials, making them a great choice for the huge number of homes that are “going green” both in their construction and remodel projects.

What’s another thing that homeowners love about granite sinks? They’re an extremely affordable kitchen sink install in KS, making them not only a beautiful option for any home, but a budget-friendly one, too!