Trend Alert: Floating Vanities

One of the newest, most innovative trends in home design is floating vanities. Wall hung vanities embrace a minimalistic style, while giving homeowners major added value. The wall hung vanity style has been prevalent in Europe for some time, and this contemporary design is finally catching on and gaining speed in the U.S.  

Rather than a classic boxy vanity, wall hung vanities are just as they seem – vanities attached to the wall, rather than the floor. This style takes away harsh angles, and instead, gives homeowners room for open air flow and modern details.

Wall hung vanities are ideal for any bathroom looking to open up, and gain the feel of more square footage. The floating vanity gives the bathroom a sense of this important openness, yet also comes with storage solutions for big and small spaces alike, while remaining impressively stylish. Giving an updated design to a classic piece, these floating elements are timeless with clean and traditional looks. 

While stylish, these bathroom vanities are packed with smart and practical storage that can be customized and installed at just about any height. Whether you find standard vanities to be too tall or too short, wall hung vanities give homeowners well deserved versatility and the freedom to create a unique space perfect for their individual needs. As an added bonus, having space between your vanity and the floor makes cleaning easy and quick. 

Whether you are searching of a vanity that fits your height needs, or are simply looking to create a more modern design in your bathroom, Grandview Winnelson has the perfect wall hung vanity for your home. Get creative with the style and function of a floating vanity, and your bathroom will be a modern masterpiece in no time. 

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