Trend Alert: Matte Black in the Kitchen and Bath

Matte black is basking in a major moment in the spotlight. Currently one of the hottest trends in home design, this stunningly dark shade is finding its way into many Kansas City kitchens and baths.

Thanks to its dramatic nature, this hue is the perfect way to make bold statements in even the smallest of spaces. When appliances, fixtures, or even hardware are tinted matte black, the room in which they are in instantly becomes a modern masterpiece, highlighting subtle features that would otherwise be easy to overlook.

In the kitchen, matte black is seeing a surge of popularity when it comes to, not only appliances like refrigerators, but also countertops and faucets. While not an overwhelming majority of Midwestern residents are opting for all dark kitchens, the accents that a matte black counter or faucet creates helps to add dimension to dated spaces. The matte finish makes for an impressive style choice in your culinary space, while also acting as a functional addition – as it helps to hide pesky fingerprints and stains easier than its glossy counterparts.

In the bath, matte black is becoming an increasingly common choice for hardware and light fixtures. When these finishing touches are chosen in such a dark, muted shade, bathrooms have the potential to become works of art. Matte black is great for adding layers to tiny bathrooms, and even accenting contrasting cabinets or walls to help create depth and appeal worthy of even the most luxurious of destinations.

Classic yet trendy, matte black options for your kitchen and bath are endless. In fact, Grandview Winnelson is proud to showcase matte black styles and designs from Delta, Brizo, Moen, Newport Brass and Jaclo.

Matte black is the perfect style trend for Kansas City homeowners looking to add depth and interest to their space. From country chic to contemporary, matte black is the best finishing touch for any home project.

To learn more about matte black options for your kitchen and bath, visit Grandview Winnelson today.