Trend Alert: Mixed Metal Finishes

Gone are the days of single tone metal finishes in your bathroom or kitchen. Instead, the latest trend in home design includes mixing metal finishes on your faucets and other hardware fixtures. Featured across the show floor at 2019’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), mixed metal finishes are an elegant addition to any home build or remodel.

Growing in popularity, mixed metal finishes can be incorporated into your bathroom or kitchen in a number of stunning ways.

Matte Meets Shine

Incorporating a matte black metal finish with bold chrome or stainless steel creates a powerful dynamic duo in your kitchen or bath. The dark hue of the matte black offers an elegant touch to the space while the chrome or stainless steel gives a lustrous shine. Whether you opt for mostly matte with accents of stainless steel or choose a majority chrome finish with pops of black, your home will gain incredible depth.

Single Faucet Stunners

Mixing the metal finish on a single faucet is a popular way to bring instant style to your space. Trusted brands like Moen® offer these mixed metal single faucets, giving homeowners the choice of which metal they want predominately featured, and which they would like to be the accent. This single switch in your kitchen or bath from one-toned finishes to mixed metals will generate an impact that can be replicated throughout your home.

Go Gold

While gold is not a new trend in bathroom and kitchen hardware, this finish has taken on new life when shades are mixed. Whether a classic yellow gold faucet with white gold accents or a rose gold shower head with handles in hues of yellow or white, mixing gold finishes brings a new level of personality to your space that does not compromise on style.

Whether you are a gold fanatic and want to experiment with every shade, or are leaning toward a sophisticated matte black and chrome piece, mixing metal finishes in your kitchen or bathroom will add both value and beauty to your space.

To learn more or to incorporate mixed metal finishes into your kitchen or bathroom, visit Grandview Winnelson today.