Trends to Consider When Deciding Where to Renovate

When it comes time to renovate, the two rooms in the home that are first on the to-do list for any homeowner are the bathrooms and the kitchen.  The reason for this is simple.  They are the rooms that will sell the home first if it ever comes time to resell, but if you aren’t going that route, they are often renovated first because they are the two most used rooms of the home.  Where the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bathroom is the start of the day, and you want the space where you begin and end your day to be a room that doesn’t cater to the hectic pace of the world.

If you want to renovate the bathroom, but not sure which one to start in, always start with the master bath.  This is the room that will sell your home the most after the kitchen.  Your powder rooms and smaller baths can be next on your list.

A key trend in renovating the master bath lies in your actual bath facilities.  Whether you choose a tub or a shower or both is up to you, but the hottest trend in bathroom renovation right now is turning your master bath into an oasis. How luxurious you go is up to you, just remember that your oasis will be how you start and finish the day so you want this room to induce a luxurious getaway.