Tropic Wall Hung Washstand by American Standard

When embarking on bathroom remodeling in KS, you might just be starting to choose your modern sink design in KS. While there are many to choose from, the most contemporary is by far is the wall mount bathroom sink.

This custom bathroom furniture looks simply gorgeous as it hangs inches above the floor, at the perfect custom height for you and can be the show-stopping piece in your bathroom. These sinks are not only some of the freshest designs that you’ll see, they’re also some of the most versatile. Place just one in your custom bath with all the accessories and extras to make it the centerpiece of the room; or use two of them side by side to create instant double sinks – which are all the rage in today’s bathrooms!

Modern wall hung sinks aren’t just beautiful and current though, they can also be a huge space saver. With vanity cupboards built into the base, you’ll still have all that storage you need to keep your essentials tucked away, but it doesn’t take up all the room that a full vanity sink does. By raising the sink, and cupboard, just a few inches off the floor, you now have more storage space underneath for linens or, leave it bare and make your bathroom look even bigger, and even more chic!

Customized bathroom sink designs are all it often takes to change a bathroom’s look from bleak to chic; and they’re often just the inspiration you need to complete the rest of your bathroom!