U by Moen Digital Shower

No longer a one-size-fits-all accommodation, your shower is one of the most important aspects of your bathroom. Whether in a master bath or guest room, your home’s shower has the potential to take an ordinary routine and turn it into a luxurious experience. With the U by Moen Digital Shower, you can create a custom, controllable shower experience unlike any other.

The U by Moen Digital Shower transforms your showering experience with different easy to control options. From water temperature to shower length, to even the stream angles used, you have complete control over your new shower.

Control your U by Moen Digital Shower with three different options:

Control Panel
With a digital display screen that showcases your preferred temperature, shower head positions, and more, you can adjust any aspect of your shower with just the press of a button or two. Mounted on either two or four outlets, the control panel is the home base of your new shower.

Powered by Amazon Alexa, you can use your voice to start, stop, and pause your shower, or even adjust water temperature. Plus, you can even ask Alexa to turn on your U by Moen to a preset you programmed into your control panel for optimal showering.

By installing the U by Moen app to your smartphone, you can start and adjust your shower remotely from anywhere within your house. Your app even has the ability to send you a notification when your shower is ready according to your custom preferences.

Once you’ve found your ideal temperature, length, and stream angle, save your settings to ensure the perfect shower each and every time, whether you opt for voice, phone, or a control panel start. Treat yourself, and your home, to a U by Moen Digital Shower today, and experience the luxury of a personalized shower experience.

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