Voltex from A.O. Smith: the Hybrid Electric Water Heater

The Voltex is a Hybrid Electric Water Heater from A.O. Smith that is able to operate in three different modes: high efficiency, hybrid, and electric modes. It was built with the understanding that not all homes are created equal and regions in the United States have different needs when it comes to heating their water. With three different modes, and the ability to switch between a heat pump and traditional heating elements, it is effective in homes from Maine to California.

In the Kansas City metro area, we will be using the Voltex’s heat pump most of the year rather than the traditional heating elements for optimal performance. This will drastically cut the cost that water heaters typically rack up. Normally, water heaters use more energy that all the other home appliances combined, including refrigerator, dishwashers, and washer and dryers! The Voltex from A.O. Smith is specifically designed to be more energy efficient to cut this cost. With the Voltex you will find a 2.3 EF (energy factor) rating and an 80-gallon water tank. This sized tank is the largest currently available to keep the hot water coming even with a large family. Not only will the hot water last longer with this sized tank, but that large of a tank means more energy can be stored in it, creating even more savings for you.

So, how does the Voltex work to create this savings for you? It uses existing heat from the room to heat your water. A fan at the top of the unit will pull in environmental heat from the surrounding air. This heat is transferred through the refrigerant to a compressor and ultimately causes the water temperature to rise. Beyond functionality of the system, by upgrading you are eligible for a $1500 tax credit. This water heater is all about saving you money.

To ensure user-friendliness, this system provides an LCD panel on the front. Use this to check the efficiency mode, lock the temperature, and see if the heat pump is on or if it’s on traditional heat setting.

If you want to start saving money and get a tax credit by switching to a Voltex from A.O. Smith, call Grandview Winnelson at 816-765-2555 to learn more when you speak with one of our representatives!