Washlet® + by TOTO®

Whether a master or guest bath, there is no denying that your bathroom needs to be in top shape. As some of the most-used and practical spaces in your home, your bathrooms should feature only the best products. When you incorporate the Washlet + by TOTO in your next bathroom remodel, you will gain the advantages of style, technology, and more.

The Washlet + by TOTO is an ideal toilet for Kansas City bathroom remodels for a number of reasons, including:

Sleek Design
The Washlet + by TOTO is not just any ordinary toilet. The piece’s modern design is mindfully built and conceals power cords and plumbing to instantly add sophistication to the space. The skirted look adds extra elegance, while the elongated front washlet toilet seat includes a cover for an even more stunning look. With or without auto flush, the toilet is available in the standard Cotton finish for a clean aesthetic.

Innovative Technology
Complete with a built in washlet, this toilet by TOTO is an industry leader when it comes to technology. Enjoy the CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze which keeps the bowl cleaner for longer, as well as DYNAMX TORNADO FLUSH® with 360 degree in-toilet water supply. Plus, EWATER® + electrolyzes water into a safe compound that adds even more cleaning power with each flush.

Eco-Friendly Operation
The Washlet + by TOTO is not only a great choice when it comes to style and technology, but it also helps protect the planet. A water-efficient toilet, this product has been certified and is compliant with Water Sense® and CALGreen®.

Treat your bathroom to the new Washlet + by TOTO. Sleeker and more technologically-savvy than other toilet options, this bathroom staple will bring style, innovation, and more to your renovation. To learn more or to get the Washlet + by TOTO for your bathroom remodel, visit Grandview Winnelson today.