What Should I Consider When Buying a New Toilet?

There are several different factors to consider when selecting a new toilet, depending on what your priorities are for your bathroom.  Here are a few different aspects that might make a difference in picking a toilet.

1. Comfort.  Both the size and shape of the toilet are factors to consider when thinking about comfort.  For instance, an elongated bowl is usually more comfortable than a round one, depending on the size of your bathroom.  Height of a toilet is also something that should be noted; shorter toilets would be convenient if you have shorter people in your house, but tall people would certainly appreciate taller ones.

2. Cleanliness.  Some toilets (i.e. Ovale toilets) are built with antimicrobial additives that help prevent the growth of bacteria that causes stain and odors, as well as mold and mildew.  Because of this, the toilet would stay cleaner for a longer period of time between cleanings.

3. Environmental.  For those looking to “go green” in their bathrooms, more eco-friendly toilets are becoming available to decrease the amount of water used by toilets.  Examples of two of these styles include the dual flush toilet and the composting toilet.  Dual flush toilets offer two different flushing options for solid waste and liquid waste—the latter uses less water.  A composting toilet is also known as a “waterless toilet” and uses little to no water at all.  However, this type of toilet usually requires the installation of a ventilation system to get rid of fumes.

4. Flush Power.  On the other hand, it may be important to you to get a more efficient level of flush power.  The most common type of toilet is the gravity flush toilet, which simply uses the weight of water to flush.  However, other types include pressure-assisted toilets, which force the water from the bowl at a higher rate, and vacuum-assisted toilets, which increase flush power by creating a vacuum to pull the waste from the bowl.

Obviously there are many other factors to be considered when buying a toilet—specific style, price, how easy it is to clean, etc, but these are examples of a few things worth noting when considering your purchase.