Wholesale vs. Retail Faucets

People sometimes ask what’s the difference between a wholesale faucet bought from a distributor and a retail faucet bought from a big box store. There’s a few big differences that are pretty important to know. First, even though the name and model number might be the same, they are not actually the same faucet. Wholesale faucets have cast brass waterways and spouts, and metal handles, whereas most retail faucets have only cast brass waterways with non-metallic parts. Also, the drain assembly on wholesale faucets are metal, but on most retail faucets they are just plastic.

Where it is made and their warranties can also vary by manufacture. Some wholesale faucets are made in the U.S. but source their retail faucets from other countries. Most wholesale faucets offer a limited lifetime warranty on their faucets – parts, finish, etc. However, not all retail faucets will carry that same warranty and the process to order replacement parts is much easier on the wholesale side. For most wholesale faucets, its just a phone call direct to the manufacture and parts are sent directly to you at no charge.

The last difference is customer service. When buying through a wholesaler you know your going to get the customer service you deserve. They are there to answer any questions, give tips and advice, and tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

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